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Buying your first home can be exciting, nerve-racking, stressful, and almost always overwhelming. kandid ensures that each of our customers feels comfortable asking questions and has complete transparency through the loan application process. We will not put you into a loan until you are 100% comfortable. We also assist our customers in getting the correct information for first homeowners, including grants and stamp duty waivers.

Investment Property​

kandid are committed to find suitable loans for your scenario. Investing in property is all about YOUR financial goals and objectives. We specialise in helping investors determine their goals and find suitable loan products, structures and rates to meet those needs. Whether you have a property in mind and you want to jump on it or you are ready to start shopping around, kandid will help organise the finance so that you can seamlessly progress toward your financial dreams.

home loan refinance calculator
home loan interest rates australia

Access Your Equity

Are you already a home owner? Have you been paying down your loan for some time or have the property prices moved up in your area? These could be a sign that your existing property has equity. This means that you have an amount of untapped value in your property which could be used to secure your next without the need to save up 20% cash for a deposit. kandid can assist in determining your equity situation and assist providing you with options to purchase your next property with ease.

Owner Occupied

It is one of kandid’s main goals to get everyday Australians into their dream homes! Take advantage of historically low rates on owner occupied properties and start looking for your new ‘castle’. Your personal comfort is our business and we want to ensure all our customer are living in their dream homes without the stress of high, unmanageable loans.

home loan refinance calculator
home loan interest rates australia

Approval In Principle

kandid provide our customers with the ability to shop around for a property with confidence. An approval in principle is like a conditional approval, meaning that the finance provider is willing to provide an applicant with finance on the condition that certain criteria are met. We make sure that our customers have the best chance of approval with the lender and ensure that their loan is then carried seamlessly to settlement once an appropriate property is found.

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